last day in thailand :(

today we are at the beach and the pool
and just relaxing.
we are gonna go whith a flight at 9 oklock.
so i will come home in the morning so bevare that
i will sms you in the early morning.
yesterday i was on a spa and it was nice but it
was better ewery time i move i sound
like i have been broken.(weird)
but now i will only relax in the sun.

(p.s. my mom will not give me the 30 sunlotion so i will be red when i come home.)

snorkling,girls day


yester day we went snorkling.
it was scary!!! i hate swimming whith fishes!!
and at the fist place we went to it vas stim whith hungry
bread eating fishes and they started to eat on you if you standed still,so
i sprattlade like a total idiot just to not get eatend.
the other place had bigger fishes but they kept oround the people
who fed them so it was cool.
today we have a girls day. we are gonna get tanned and eat at starbucks(ungefar som waynes)
and im gonna get an other face massage!!(i hope)
i will come home at friday so......akta er!!!!!

koh samui

3 day in the sun.
i havent get brown but ive gottend un tan.
here it is so beutiful here!!but hot.I svettas :P
 ive gottend sol exem!!! it sucks.
yester day we drank maithai :D its un drink in un 
pinapple and un cherry on top and un orkide on the side,
ive found out that i can make a knut on un cherry stjalk:P

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